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Are you ready for a change? With business contacts and a good knowledge of the area, I can arrange travels to the lake Siljan district I Dalecarlia in the middle of Sweden. The Siljan district you can experience exciting contrasts. Here the traditional exists alongside the modern. There are activities for all ages. You can visit a live mountain pasture one day, and the next day stand face to face with a polar bear at Polar World in Grönklitt.

A rich cultural life is mixed with beloved events and theme parks. The wonderful nature is second to none. Relax and enjoy the tranquility and grandeur, take a relaxing day at one of the Siljan shallow beaches of lake Siljan.

Children can have much fun at one of the exciting outing targets such as the world's largest polar bear farm - Polar World in central Grönklitt or Leksand Summerland and fairyland Tomteland at Gesundaberget. Here you will meet traditional farming with cows, horses, goats, chickens. On most pastures, you can also buy local delicacies such as butter, and cheese.

If you want to experience the lake Siljan from the sea, there are tours including with Sweden's oldest propeller ship SS Engelbrekt and the classic M / S Gustaf Wasa.

Budget or luxury, large or small groups, let me give you an experience of a lifetime in the heart of Sweden!